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Highest quality office cleaning services Toronto

Commercial & Office Cleaning Services In Toronto

The fact is, employees, spend half their waking hours in the office, so it’s up to company management to ensure the cleanest, most hygienic environment.

Keeping up with regular janitorial services or building cleaning services fosters a more positive workspace and a higher level of productivity. Hiring the best office cleaning company in Toronto is a great way to keep any Toronto-based office space in tip-top condition. It’s also a far better alternative to managing everything in-house and having internal staff undertake the work.

The key, of course, is to choose a reliable, reputable cleaning company to deliver the services. Like, Go Clean Plus, who offer some of the best commercial cleaning services in Toronto.

Experience and Expertise: Office Cleaning Toronto

The professional business cleaning teams at Go Clean Plus come to work prepared – we provide all of the cleaning supplies, cleaning products, and cleaning equipment.

Our cleaning protocols are:

Go Clean Plus is much more than just a janitorial & commercial office cleaning company. Our cleaning teams are highly trained in their tasks, and professional in their approach. Everyone is dedicated to the highest standards of cleaning. Most importantly, our commercial office cleaning services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Our Office Cleaning Services Toronto Include

Office Cleaning Services Toronto

What We Offer

Consistency and Reliability

With so many run-of-the-mill office cleaning companies throughout Toronto and the GTA, it’s sometimes difficult to find consistency and reliability. At Go Clean Plus we consider ourselves different. We pride ourselves in being one of the best office cleaning companies in Toronto.

Deep Cleaning Protocols

Go Clean Plus offers electrostatic disinfection approved by Health Canada. We employ spray systems that convert liquid disinfectants into an aerosol spray. The electrostatic charge ensures that the spray “sticks” to a surface. We would typically use this cleaning protocol in healthcare facilities and nursing homes.

With electrostatic disinfection, we clean surfaces with detergent and water before applying the spray disinfectant. Our disinfectant products are industry approved and our spray systems comply with industry standards.

Exterior Office Building Cleaning Services In Toronto

It's always a good idea to keep your facilities looking fresh and welcoming, but when you're in the business of making a good impression, it's even more critical. It's not just a matter of saying "Hello." Your business's first impression is set by how well you take care of your property from the sign on the curb to the look of the reception area. Go Clean Plus is committed to providing you with the highest standard of exterior office building cleaning services in Toronto. Our outdoor cleaning services include:

When it comes to outdoor office cleaning services in Toronto, Go Clean Plus is the company you can trust. Nobody in the business of cleaning services does it better than Go Clean Plus. If you're looking for someone who's fast, efficient, certified, and affordable, then look no further than Go Clean Plus. We guarantee customer satisfaction with all our services.

Large and Small Facilities - Office Cleaning Services

Most commercial spaces experience high traffic every day – from employees, to customers, to visitors. The fact is, common areas, offices, and bathrooms all require regular cleaning in order to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. At Go Clean Plus our people understand the importance of delivering a clean workspace.

Go Clean Plus services a wide range of commercial clients, both large and small. We provide commercial cleaning services for corporate offices, medical offices, dental offices, and other commercial businesses, in Toronto and the surrounding areas. And because we do it all under one roof, our client companies are free of the burden of doing everything in-house.

It’s just another way of providing customers with high-quality sanitization and disinfection.


Reliable Partner For Your Office Cleaning Needs

Whether you’re in a small office or a large entrerprise, Go Clean Plus, located in Etobicoke, Toronto, can provide expert business cleaning services for your business. All of our office cleaning service staff are well-trained, experienced, and committed to the very highest quality standard of cleaning and disinfection services in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

With more than a decade of experience servicing Toronto, Go Clean Plus guarantees customer satisfaction with all our services.


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  • 24-hour flexible service
  • Unmatched cleaning techniques 
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Over 10+ years of industry experience 
  • Best office cleaning services
  • Competitive pricing 

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  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • North York
  • Etobicoke

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Go Clean Plus did an excellent job with our offices. They were easy to deal with as well as very punctual.We will use them for all our commercial cleaning needs going forward.


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We were very impressed by this company. They have very high tech gear and our facility looked and felt fresh and clean like never before Thanks!


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A pleasure to deal with and A1 service from start to finish. These guys are true pros when it comes to construction clean up. Highly recommended.


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